A Paris/London Video and A Birthday

by mjcarney


You sound old and wise.

I feel old. But not very wise.

-An Education

I don’t feel old, or wise really, but I did just have another birthday and blew out a whopping 27 candles on my cake. My sweet mom made me two cakes over the course of the weekend actually. But only one came with candles and song. I celebrated Friday through Sunday and it was so lovely. Sam had never seen An Education, which is one of my favorite movies, so we watched it one night and I thought the quote was fitting for turning another year older. I love the costumes and the story is sad but shows the strength of a young woman and the whole excitement of it all is very dreamy.

There were several surprises over the weekend, but one of my favorites was this video from Sam. He secretly finished up our video from Paris and London when we were there for my birthday (talk about best birthday ever!!) last year. (In his defense, there was a LOT of video footage–daunting to sort through, I’m sure.) But I love it. I think it’s perfection! I hope you enjoy too!

Paris to London and Back from MaryJane Carney McAllister on Vimeo.