Little Catchup

by mjcarney

Darling! It’s been ages! I’m so sorry! (This is where I usually say I’ll do better, but I’ve given up on false promises, so we’ll just see!)

So much has happened! And so little! And something quite literally little:


We’re having a baby! It’ll be here in the fall. We’ve just started preparing for the little one–we have a bathroom gutted and ready to start renovations on. And I need to get on the nursery! I hear cribs can take months to come in.

I’ve felt quite normal so far, which is nice. Dressing has proven to be slightly challenging, but I guess that was to be expected when everything I wear is tailored to fit perfectly.

We’re excited though. Also scared! Have any first time baby advice?

We also went on holiday! We went to the south of France, Paris and Normandy! It was a dream. I’ll post photos so you can see what I mean! Promise, mean it!