New York Picture Party

by mjcarney

I know it’s been like a whole month (with the exception of when I posted two weeks ago that I would be posting more often lol) but I’m back and have a few more posts queued up. It’s weird how you can be busy doing nothing important at all. And I’ve felt like an uninspired blob lately. But that’s not what this is about. This is about a New York Picture Party.

My sweet husband whisked me off for a long weekend in New York a couple of weeks ago. As with everything, I plan my vacations around where I want to eat and shop. And in between those things, I plan where to go sight see.

We stayed at the Nolitan hotel. It was by far the friendliest hotel I’ve ever stayed at. It was super close to lots of places I wanted to go and was perfectly branded. They even had champagne happy hour every day, so they are basically my favorite. So anyway, we started out Friday morning with a trip to Jack’s Wife Frieda. It was raining ever so slightly, but the restaurant was just around the corner from our hotel. I had Eggs with Soldiers and Sam had Waffles and Duck Bacon (aka, we shared because I’m just barely starting to like eggs and cannot tackle an order on my own yet). It was the perfect breakfast spot though…
photo-18 We headed to the World Trade Center Memorial. It was the first time either of us had seen it. They’ve kept the outlines of where each building was and they are now just gaping holes, into which water continuously pours. The sound of rushing water drowns out any outside noises and you find yourself with a pit in your stomach as you stare into the center.  It is really a beautiful memorial. SONY DSC SONY DSC Next, we headed to Wall Street. No trip is complete without a picture with the bull.   SONY DSC After a while, we started to work up our appetite again. It was finally the moment I’d been waiting for… SHAKE SHACK TIME. I do love a good burger and fries, and there was one just around the corner from where we were, so it was kind of common sense. I went with the intention of going all out with a burger, fries AND a shake, but they put the calories on the menu, so I made due with a diet coke and a sip of Sam’s Peanut Butter Malt. The ShackBurger and Cheese Fries were positively delicious and I’m almost glad there isn’t one anywhere near because I’m sure it would turn into a weekly occurrence. SONY DSC SONY DSC I dropped Sam off at the hotel and made my way around Soho on my own. I hopped up to Bond Street to the store I’ve been dying to see for years–Bond No 9. The store was a total dream equipped with lovely staff and a tea room. It was everything I ever thought it would be. I popped in and out of every shop that caught my eye. After I’d gotten my fill of shopping and a few more cups of tea, the sun started to set and I headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. photo-21 Being on the internet as much as I am, it’s no surprise that I’ve had my eye on Momofuku Noodle Bar and Milk Bar. I was kept perfectly entertained with the spiked slush I was slurping on so I’d consider the 15 minute wait non-existent. We ordered the Soy Sauce Deviled Eggs, Momofuku Ramen and a couple of Pork Buns. The buns weren’t as good as I’d expected, but the ramen and eggs made up for them. photo-19 The Noodle bar serves some desserts from the Milk Bar, but that just didn’t seem like enough fun. Two streets up and three streets over we headed to the Milk Bar. It was a shoebox of a place, but oh the deliciousness that it was! We ordered Crack Pie (because, hello, it’s called CRACK PIE), a Perfect 10 Kookie and Birthday Truffles. The Kookie tasted pretty good but crumbled to pieces and was nothing to write home about. The Crack Pie and the Birthday Truffles are a different story though. I will soon be on a quest to make them both at home. I grabbed another pack of truffles for later and off we went to our next stop. photo 1-1 As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve been to the ECC in London and the one in Paris, so it only seemed fitting that we popped in for a drink at the one in New York. As with the others, it’s in an unmarked building and if you weren’t looking for it, you’d never know it was there. I ordered a champagne and Sam ordered some kind of concoction and we toasted happy birthday to a loved one no longer with us. photo-22 copy

We met up with one of Sam’s Jackson friends and headed to the Soho Grand for more champagne and the another bar and then somewhere called Southside. (They gave out sunglasses at the bar, which made it slightly easier to remember the name…) It was an underground dance club with a great dj and tons of revelers. photo 1-3 copy The next morning, we headed over to the Intel pop-up shop to play and then Cafe Cluny for Brunch. I loved Cafe Cluny. It was nice and toasty inside and had a delicious hair of the dog Bloody Mary. photo-17 SONY DSC photo-23 From there, we hopped on the Highline for a leisurely stroll. The Highline is pretty amazing–I love that they left the train tracks up there and just planted everything around them. Off to the side, something caught Sam’s eye. There were some sort of nets overlooking the water? “CHELSEA PIERS!” whatever that is, but down we went. Apparently it’s this famous-ish multistory driving range. I know it from a scene in Curb Your Enthusiasm. The top level was rented out for a party, so sadly we were stuck to the ground level. The balls pop out of the ground on a tee and you just hit them out onto the range–it was pretty cool… even for me. SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC We finished up the Highline and headed to 5th Avenue for some shopping. All the shops were decorated for Christmas. Cartier was my favorite. I love the lit up panther.  SONY DSC SONY DSC Of course I had one major stop to make. No, no. Not Tiffanys. The Plaza.  You see, Eloise was one of my two favorite literary characters (the other being Madeline, I guess I just like adventurous girls). So we took a stroll in to find her picture… me and a couple of five year olds. I wish we’d had time for tea, but we had some more shopping to do and Central Park was calling. SONY DSC SONY DSC Isn’t she fab?
SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC And so we set off for Central Park.  Luckily the last of fall was still hanging on and we got to see the most gorgeous colors. SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC Isn’t this the most gorgeous tree you’ve ever seen?  SONY DSC The building John Lennon was killed, with his memorial and Strawberry fields.   SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC The aforementioned Jackson friend helped us snag a reservation at Lure. It looks like the inside of a ship and has the most delicious sushi and deviled eggs with caviar. After plenty of sake, we headed over to Madison Square Gardens for Yeezus. photo-24 Although interesting, to say the least, it was no Glow in the Dark tour. I wish ‘Ye would stop being so damn mad all the time and give people what they want–his awesome music. No one wants to hear his rants.. And please, for goodness sake, keep Jesus and the Virgin Mary off the stage. photo-20 Sunday, the high was 30 degrees. The low was 19. BRRRR. We survived by staying in bed as long as possible, taking the hottest showers we could stand and layering up like marshmallows. (I wore a down jacket inside of an insulated peacoat, if that tells you just how marshmallow-y I was.) I’d made our Sunday brunch reservation at Balthazar as soon as allowed. I’d heard great things about it and could wait. Sadly I woke up with a scratchy, sore throat so I had to skip the amazing Bloody Marys (side note, I’ve been sick for nearly two weeks). Sam ordered the Salmon Benedict and I have Corned Beef Hash with fried eggs. They were both incredible but mine was to die for. I would eat that every day if I could. The bread basket also looked like heaven if you’re feeling naughty (I wasn’t).

Sunday, SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC Seeing as the high was below freezing, we tried our hardest to stay indoors as much as possible. I broke this to get a picture on the steps of Constance Billard the Met, RIP Gossip Girl. I put on my best Blair Waldorf (the lighting was terrible) and popped inside as quickly as possible. SONY DSC SONY DSC The Met was positively amazing. We always say we need to plan our trips with enough time to spend a full day in a museum, but never do. The Egyptian and Asian wings were really interesting, but as usual, the Impressionists were my favorite. SONY DSC SONY DSC This one was mesmerizing. It’s a taxidermied dear, covered in glass balls. Some angles magnified the deer and others just glimmered like snowflakes. I have no idea how someone comes up with such an amazing piece of art.  SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC Loved all of these… SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC Two paintings of the Tuileries. I MISS PARIS SO MUCH.  SONY DSC And Monet’s waterlilies. These just do something to me. They are the most beautiful paintings I’ve ever seen. If you ever have the chance, go to the Orangerie in Paris to see the big ones. There are really no words.  SONY DSC We took a stroll through the armories and then headed out. With a quick stop by the Flatiron, we headed to Chinatown.  SONY DSC SONY DSC We went to the Golden Unicorn for some Dimsum. They were getting ready for a wedding reception and I would’ve done anything to been able to stay for it. I mean, LOOK AT IT.  SONY DSC SONY DSC And then it got too cold for us! Time to go home! SONY DSC